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Dr Michael Pim at Crowthorne Family Chiropractic Centre specializes in improving the quality of life. He knows that optimum health is so much more than how you feel. He provides the opportunity to reach optimum health naturally with chiropractic care, massage, counselling and nutritional advice.
The contact details of Dr Michael Pim of Crowthorne Family Chiropractic are

99, Pinewood Avenue|Crowthorne|Berks|RG45 6RQ|UK| Phone No-01344 762777
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Michael graduated from Palmer University of Chiropractic in 1992 and has been in continuous practice to date. He is a second generation Chiropractic with four family members all being Chiropractors. He has practiced in the UK as well as Gibraltar and Spain and has taken up permanent residence at the Crowthorne Family Chiropractic Center

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