UK Servicemen Killed In Afghanistan and Iraq

In Memoriam

At 7 Jan 2017 the number UK Servicemen Killed In Afghanistan and Iraq operations reached 455 (Afghanistan) and 180 (Iraq). 635 in total.

This is now well over twice the number (255)who died in the Falklands War of 1982.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of all who have been killed and

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Whilst it is tragic for the families and the nation that the combined total of dead from these 2 operations continues to rise, what is even more tragic is the fact that, as former-Prime Minister David Cameron pointed out way back in 2009, there is a growing "Time Bomb" of mental health issues.

Of note, these figures do not count those Servicemen and women have already died, as a result of their service, once they leave the Armed Forces.

For example, it was reported in 2009 by the Independent and Telegraph that twenty-four British soldiers died during the 1991 Gulf War, but the Ministry of Defence disclosed in 2008 that 169 veterans of the conflict had died from "intentional self-harm" or in circumstances that led to open verdicts at inquests.

In other words more than 7 times more veterans potentially killed themselves in the 2 decades following the war than in the actual fighting itself.

Ex-Servicemen such as

Jason Chelsea, Peter Mahony and Andrew Watson are just a few examples of the deaths which have already happened in the aftermath of service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To Help Those Who Remain In Memoriam Of Those Who Do Not

Is The Reason That Hands For Heroes Was Formed

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