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All products are designed to add value to your unit, community or chiropractic office. All profits are returned to "Hands for Heroes - Free Chiropractic Care for War Veterans" so that we can continue to make free chiropractic care available to war veterans until 11/11/2030 to alleviate the emotional, physical and chemical trauma of war.

Hands for Heroes Products


"Hands for Heroes - Free Chiropractic Care for War Veterans" has made over £4.4 million (Nov 2011) of chiropractic care available at no charge to serving and retired war veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq. Dozens of Chiropractic Doctors have donated 10s of £1000s of pounds worth of their valuable services to help those who desperately need it.

You can help too.

On this page you can buy products to add value to the lives of yourself, your military unit, your community or your friends and your family. These products will also help promote the great service which the "Hands For Heroes" volunteer Chiropractic Doctors are providing.

Further Hands for Heroes products and free downloads are currently being developed - your patience is appreciated.

Free Downloads

Are you a veteran or member of the public who wants to encourage a local chiropractor to join the Hands for Heroes Movement? If so, download the following proforma.

Click Here For Proforma Letter To Non-Hands For Heroes Chiropractor

Hands for Heores Flyers

Impacting Your Community Kit

Hands For Heroes - "Impacting Your Community" Kit

Let your military, chiropractic and local community know about "Hands for Heroes - Free Chiropractic Care for War Veterans".

As "Hands for Heroes" is a grass-roots movement, its existence is initially being spread from the bottom-up and YOU can help do this.

Over £3.7 Million of much needed care is available NOW...

... we just need to let the serving and retired military community know about it, so that the veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq can turn up for their much needed care.

This is why the Hands for Heroes - "Impacting Your Community" Kit exists.

Click here or on the banner below to find out more details about the impacting your community kit.

hands for4 heroes product and free care

"12 Steps Back From the Abyss - A War Veterans Journey From Depression to Joy"

This book is both an interesting story about one person's journey and a pocket-guide which will provide you, your associates or friends with:

- 12 principles to help you reduce negative effects of stress so you can live life at the fullest.

- 12 simple, easily actionable techniques to help you deal with real world challenges immediately...

... and much more.

The last section of this pocket-guide is dedicated to promoting "Hands for Heroes - Free Chiropractic Care for War Veterans". A wonderful gift for friends, fellow servicemen, associates, patients/practice members or customers - which also serves to spread the word. Click here or on the book image above for further details.

Hands For Heroes Free Downloads

hands for heroes

One of the most important ways you can contribute to this initiative is by giving your most precious asset, time and energy, to contact...

... your local chiropractic office...

... your local military base or unit...

... your local politician...

.. to see if they are aware of the "Hands for Heroes" initiative, and if so what they are doing to make the serving and retired veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq aware of it.

The following free downloads provide "How To..." Guides and Templates which you can use to write to these local groups...

...and get an effective response.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Will be completed soon, sorry for the inconvenience, the team are working on it!

You can also volunteer to be a Hands For Heroes Country/Area or County representative. If you are interested in this role then contact us

Veteran to Non-Hands for Heroes Chiropractor Proforma Letter

If you are a veteran who wishes to write to a local chiropractor to ask them to consider joining the movement, and you would like the letter proforma then click on the pdf icon below. (If you have trouble reading it then you will need to download the free Adobe Reader which is available here).

Hands for Heroes is Recruiting!

You can also volunteer to be a Hands For Heroes Country/Area or County representative. If you are interested in this role then click here and volunteer!

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