Frequently Asked Hands For Heroes Questions

The following are the most frequently asked Hands for Heroes questions asked by Veterans, Chiropractors and the General Public.

Is It Just Serving Military Personnel Who Qualify?

No. Serving and retired personnel can use this scheme.

Why is it just Afghanistan and Iraq War Veterans That Qualify?

At Hands for Heroes we understand that many soldiers have made huge sacrifices outside of the recent Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts - World War 2, Korea, The Suez Crisis, Northern Ireland, The Falklands War are just a few.

In order to give an identity to this movement we have concentrated on the most recent conflicts. We trust that as the Movement grows and with demand and resources we can expand the scope of the initiative.

Until then, if you are a veterans from a conflict outside of the scope of "Hands for Heroes" you could find a chiropractor near you who is in the scheme and ask if they would consider taking you on under the scheme - they may not be serving their full quota of Iraq/Afghanistan veterans, so its worth a go...

...and as they say up here in North East England, "Shy bairns get nowt!"

If Its Free Care Why Are Veterans Asked For A £50 Deposit Up Front?

Two reasons:

1. The chiropractic doctors in our scheme are highly trained, highly valued professionals, who very exceptionally are offering hundreds of pounds worth of FREE care to individual servicemen.

They are doing it as an outreach to the military community because they are very serious about making a positive change to these individuals.

A deposit shows a serious commitment on the part of the veteran to wanting to improve their health which invariably gives better results for all concerned.

2. To prevent abuse of the valuable care being donated by not turning up for scheduled visits. The deposit is retained if the participant fails to turn up for scheduled appointments during the recommended period on 2 separate occasions WITHOUT giving at least 24 hour notice to reschedule or cancel the appointment.

Deposits are fully refundable at the end of the period or if appropriate notice is given during care.

How Can I Show I am Eligible/How Can I Know A Veteran Is Eligible?

Personal pictorial ID and Service Documents showing your involvment in Iraq or Afghanistan are best. You could also take in your medals, (engraved with name on the edge) other service records such as discharge summary of service.

The code-names and periods of the operations are show below:

Gulf War 1991 - Operation Granby

Afghanistan War 2001 to Present - Operation Herrick

Iraq War 2003 to 2009 - Operation Telic