Chiropractor in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland

Joins Hands For Heroes

The Chiropractor in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland who has recently joined Hands For Heroes is Scott White of the White Chiropractic centre.

The address of the practice is:

White Chiropractic Centre | 51a Queen Street | Ballymoney | County Antrim | BT53 6DJ | Northern Ireland

Tel: 02827666667

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White Chiropractic Centre

Warm Hellos and Welcome! Such a pleasure to see you smiling face today. I am Dr Scott Douglas White and I look forward to serving you here at my facility located above Mathewson's chemist in Ballymoney. I am a 1981 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Prior to attending Palmer Chiropractic my undergraduate study was undertaken at Central Michigan University for a period of four years. Previous to my relocation to Northern Ireland I ran a very successful practice in Fort Collins Colorado. I have been living in Northern Ireland now for the past ten years. I have dedicated my life to helping and serving others by means of the chiropractic adjustment.

Often times I am asked, "What is it that you do exactly?" Well here is the written respnse to that question:

When you cut your finger, do you ever wonder how it heals? Some of you have broken bones before and needed a cast. Have you ever wondered how the break heals back together? Is it the Neosporin that heals the cut? Surely the Band-aid is what keeps the big bad world from infecting the cut even more, allowing it to really heal, right? How about the cast set about the broken bone? Doesn't the cast heal the fracture?


None of those things aid the healing process in any way. Our Innate Intelligence/On Board Computer takes care of those things so that we don't have to. When we cut our finger, for example, The Command Centre directs the healing in four phases: hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation and remodeling. During hemostasis, blood vessels constrict and platelets accumulate to form a clot at the site of injury, forming a scab when the clotted blood dehydrates. Inflammation follows as histamine causes the blood vessels to secrete white blood cells at the site of injury to fight off any foreign bacteria that might cause infection. Proliferation comes next and can take anywhere from several days to several weeks. This is when the tissue, in this case skin tissue, begins repairing itself, as directed by The Doctor Within you, yup DR YOU. Absolutley Fanstatic!!!!! RIGHT???Remodeling is last, and can take years. New collagen replaces old collagen and the site of injury contracts, forming scar tissue, which is not visible in minor cases.

Vertebral subluxation/nerve sedation caused by physical, emotional, and chemical stress. Very plain and simple. People with a vertebral subluxation for years may experience all sorts of different symptoms. Anything from low back pain to migraines. As the subluxation causes interference to nervous system transmission, decreased function in one or multiple parts of the body take place. Over time, if left unattended, this will lead to advanced aging and degeneration of one or multiple parts of the body. When the subluxation is removed via specific Chiropractic adjustment of the spine, and nervous system transmission, (ie. Giving control back to the onboard computer to run the programme EXACTLY the way its was designed,) has been restored completely, the body can heal itself and begin reversing the damage that has been done over the previous years. Not only can Innate Intelligence direct healing to every part of the body without interference, but it can also effectively direct replication, reproduction, adaptation, and survival.

As the ultimate embodiment of Universal Intelligence, or nature, within each of us, Innate Intelligence can perform miracles when left unobstructed. It doesn't need any help just NO INTERFERENCE!!

Don't you think you deserve that?

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