Chiropractor in Benidorm, Spain

Joins Hands For Heroes

The Chiropractor in Benidorm, Spain who has recently joined Hands For Heroes is Doctor Sharon Nilsson of the Centro Quiropractico Nilsson.

chiropractor in benidorm

The address of the practice is:

Centro Quiropractico Nilsson | Santa Cristina No5 Local | Benidorm | Alicante | 3500 | Spain

Tel: +34(0)692611475

For the full website details follow this link.

Centro Quiropractico Nilsson

Welcome to Nilsson Chiropractic Centre. As you enter our doors you will immediately feel at home in our caring, healing environment. Here at the Centre, you will find us very professional, yet caring about you and your health. You will walk into a relaxed yet efficient ambience where your path towards wellness will begin with our first Hello.

Our aim is to help you one hundred percent on your road to wellness through locating and adjusting vertebral subluxations so that the body can heal itself and express optimum level of function. At the Centre two things concern us – your health and our reputation, and we will endeavour to ensure both are well looked after.

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