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Dr Rachael Dunn is the Chiropractor in Exeter supporting Hands for Heroes - Free chiropractic care for war veterans. Her practice details follow:

County Chiropractic

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Exeter Chiropractor Rachel Dunn DC

As a child I experienced 'growing pains' and was told it was just a phase I was going through and that I would grow out of it.

Mum took me to see a chiropractor because the pain was interfering with all of the sports that I loved to do, she helped me immensely. I immediately knew that this was what I wanted to do.

I attended the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic where I studied many subjects including neurology, anatomy and physiology, nutrition and of course chiropractic techniques. I have been particularly inspired by the work and philosophy of Neil Davies, an Australian pediatric chiropractor and during the last few years I have undertaken postgraduate studies in chiropractic pediatrics.

I am interested in the whole body benefits of chiropractic. A well functioning body and nervous system can improve and maintain total health, maximise sports performance and help manage pain syndromes. Chiropractic has a lot to offer children and adults as a choice for natural day to day health care. For those who are interested in taking charge of their own health chiropractic adjustments are essential, just like a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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