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Working With Hands for Heroes

Dr Alan Scott is your chiropractor in Gosforth, Tyne and Wear who is working with "Hands For Heroes" to bring free chiropractic care to serving and retired veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

chiropractor in gosforth

Phone: 0191 2170387

Address: 15 Princes Road | Brunton Park | Gosforth | Newcastle upon Tyne | NE53 5TT

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About Dr Alan Scott

The brain communicates with every cell, tissue and organ in the body. When the flow of these messages is perfect you should be healthy, vibrant and happy. Unfortunately, when the nervous system is interfered with it effects the communication between brain and body which can impair how your body functions. Symptoms are then often felt.

Subluxations, caused by different stresses create interference - I can help remove them!

When my best friend Steve became a chiropractor and explained how chiropractic worked, it totally made sense to me. I like to think that through Steve, chiropractic found me. My mind was made up at the tender age of 19 - funnily enough it's the only thing I was certain about.

Luckily I found out that Bournemouth (where I lived at the time) was home to one of the best chiropractic colleges in the world. I enrolled on a four year BSc in Chiropractic and after a clinic internship I graduated in 1993.

As a chiropractor my goal is simple - to make people better and help them prevent problems in the future. I'm passionate about continual learning and through providing the latest chiropractic care techniques and education I like to think I'm able to help local people and families in Newcastle and Gosforth achieve healthier and therefore happier lives.

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