Chiropractor in Harley Street London

Joins Hands For Heroes

Chiropractor in Harley Street London, Carlyle Jenkins the principal Doctor of Chiropractic of Prohab Performance, joins Hands for Heroes – Free Chiropractic Care for War Veterans.

Dr Jenkins understands that chiropractic is not just about helping with back and neck problems but is about overcoming the physical, emotional and chemical trauma of life.

Chiropractor in Harley Street London

The address of the practice is:

1 Harley St | London | London | W1G 9QD | UK

The telephone number is: 0870 850 8892

For the full website details follow this link.

The team at Hands for Heroes was delighted when Carlyle Jenkins volunteered to be our representative in Harley Street London. It is quite a commitment of time, energy and money for the chiropractor. But as chiropractic is not provided through the Military or the National Health Service, there are tens of thousands of servicemen and women who can benefit from Dr Carlyle’s commitment. Please let them know about it.

Whilst chiropractic care is not a cure for any condition, by helping to improve the function of the nervous system and body there have been many case studies showing that people under high levels of physical, chemical and emotion stress get a huge variety of health benefits. Give it a go and find out for yourself!”

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