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Chiropractor in Haywards Heath Sussex, Doug Taylor, joins Hands for Heroes – Free Chiropractic Care for War Veterans.

Dr Taylor understands that chiropractic is not just about helping with back and neck problems but is about overcoming the physical, emotional and chemical trauma of life.

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 Sussex Spine Centrre | Borde Hill Garden | Borde Hill Lane | Haywards Heath | RH16 1XP

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The practice website is here.

The team at Hands for Heroes was delighted when Dr Doug Taylor to be our representative in Haywards Heath Sussex.

It is a large commitment of time, energy and money for the chiropractor. But as chiropractic is not provided through the Military or the National Health Service, there are tens of thousands of servicemen and women who can benefit from Dr Taylor’s commitment. If you know any Servicemen please let them know about Hands for Heroes.

Whilst chiropractic care is not a cure for any condition, by helping to improve the function of the nervous system and body there have been many case studies showing that people under high levels of physical, chemical and emotion stress get a huge variety of health benefits. Give it a go and find out for yourself!”

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About Dr Doug Windsor DC

Doug Windsor MChiro HNcert (Nutrition) D.C. Doug has a unique reputation for helping patients with complicated chronic pain conditions, who have lost hope or have been told they have to learn to live with pain. His regular patients include orthopaedic surgeons, medical doctors, GP’s, dentists, physiotherapists, nurses, world champion and Olympic athletes. Many tradesman and elderly patients also rely on Doug’s services to maintain their professions and enjoy a better quality of life.

Patients travel from around London and the south east, and as far as Russia for regular care. Doug has helped many patients in his long career and is “passionate” about helping others to achieve their fullest potential, and for him, nothing is more rewarding. Doug studied for 5 years at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic and is registered with the General Chiropractic Council, the government regulatory body established by act of Parliament to protect the public and uphold high professional standards, and the United Chiropractic Association.

My journey into chiropractic started shortly after being awarded a fourth "Welsh Chef of the Year" award, the level of tension and stress that built up over years cooking at the highest level in my own restaurant in Wales and around the world, had left me with chronic fatigue and severe neck issues. It was by accident that I was seen by a chiropractor, Sarah, when visiting friends at Christmas. The difference she made to my life was huge, and that was when i decided to become a chiropractor, and I have never looked back. “Prior to receiving my Master’s Degree in Chiropractic, at the University of South Wales I qualified in Food Science and Nutrition and worked around the world as an award winning private chef and nutritional adviser, winning the “AA” guides most creative dish, Welsh chef of the year, and a Michelin “Bib Gourmand” for my restaurant. During my years at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (University of South Wales),

I was awarded the Graham Harding Memorial Award for “Best Clinical Practice” for a foundation student. I was then very fortunate to get my dream associate position, and the best possible training from the late Dr Simon Bird, a chiropractic genius and industry leader, who intensively trained me to take over from him. Since then I moved with my wife Priscila and our three dachshunds, Luke, Bono, and Lola to the south east, where we love the quality of life. Thanks to chiropractic care, I still enjoy playing Football, Tennis, Crossfit, and Snowboarding even in my late forty's. I’m looking forward to meeting you, and helping you get your quality of life back.”