Chiropractor in Barcelona, Spain

Joins Hands For Heroes

The Chiropractor in Barcelona, Spain who has recently joined Hands For Heroes is Doctor Ben Tinker of the Barcelona Chiropractic College.

chiropractor in barcelona, spain

The address of the practice is:

Barcelona Chiropractic College | C/ Mallorca, 364, 2º1ª| Barcelona | Barcelona | 8013 | Spain

Tel: +34(0)937943482

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BCC Chiropractc centre

The BCC Chiropractic Centre offers chiropractic care to patients and has the following objectives:

1. To teach chiropractic adjusting skills to students, whilst conveying a commitment to excellence and skills related to life long learning,

2. To teach those attitudes, knowledge and clinical skills which are fundamental to the practice of chiropractic,

3. To provide health and wellness to the community through quality chiropractic care at a reasonable price.


The BCC Chiropractic Centre team works to provide the best chiropractic care for its patients. During the first year students observe and assist in the centre and, after extensive training and passing rigorous examinations, they are placed in charge of patients whilst being under the supervision of tutors.

Chiropractic care

Any patient care, provided by students at the BCC Chiropractic Centre, will be closely monitored by experienced personnel. The Centre combines advanced chiropractic analysis technology with professional conduct and the active collaboration of the patient.

Initial chiropractic visits include an informative class focused on the role of chiropractic and the body’s ability to heal. Additionally, there will be a private consultation, a full physical examination and a thorough spinal analysis.


Tuesdays and Thursdays: from 11.00 to 14.30 h. Monday to Thursday: from 18.00 to 21.30 h.

Fees for care at the Chiropractic Centre

First visit + care: 65 €

First visit: 40 €

Subsequent visit: 30 €

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