Chiropractor in Waltham Abbey, England

Joins Hands For Heroes

The Chiropractor in Waltham Abbey, England who has recently joined Hands For Heroes is Dr Terry Chimes of Chimes Chiropractic.

The address of the practice is:

34 Sun Street | Waltham Abbey | London | EN9 1EJ | UK

Tel:01992 718 711

For the full website details follow this link.

Chimes Chiropractic

Terry Chimes D.C. who is a registered Chiropractor first established the Back Pain Centre in 1994 in South Woodford.

With years of excellent service from a dedicated staff the clinic has grown rapidly and is now one of the busiest in the country.

The aim has always been to change the way people think about their health and back pain. Not to ‘learn to live with it’ but to find out how to get rid of it, and then keep things that way.

If you are suffering from back or neck pain why not get the problem checked out by experts.

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