Ex WO2 RTR Paul Howard

by Paul Howard
(Leighton Buzzard)

Completing 22 years and numerous tours including Afghanistan in 2009/2013 had left its mark. Just before I left I was diagnosed with PTSD which I had suffered with since the first tour. It was my therapist that gave me information about hands for Heroes as she new I had lower back and neck injuries and wanted to try and help me get this hopefully functioning properly. She was also hoping it might help with my mental health as well.
I booked an appointment with a Chiropractor in Stevenage and went along to my first session. The Chiropractor Mr Kenneth Cairns DC took me through the session carrying out X-rays to see what was going on. He said to me “ no wonder you’re in pain” and he would be able to help me. During my next session we went through the X-rays and he was able to see that my neck was completely out of shape in all directions along with my lower back. He could also tell I was having number 2 issues as it was showing up on the X-rays also. Even though I had X-rays on my back and neck in 2017 the Military doctors didn’t really do anything about it, just sent me to physio which helped a little but not greatly and was allowed to leave without this being fixed.
I am now into twice weekly sessions getting my problems sorted. This has also helped me mentally being one less thing that plays on my mind with everything else that is happening.

I cannot thank you enough for the help that this has provided me with allowing me to at last feel less pain and stress and hope that this will continue to full recovery. The mental part will take longer but it has really helped me. I have passed this onto as many people as I can so that they can get the treatment they deserve and should have had during/after Service. But most importantly just giving people the knowledge that they can also use other options and avenues to see if these will help them.

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Jan 17, 2020
WO2 Paul Howard
by: Dr Craig

Hi Paul.
Thanks for the feedback. It really helps keep this grass roots movement alive. Best regards Dr Craig

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