Free Chiropractic Care Offer

Whilst visiting my Chiropractor(James at Lushington Chiropractice in Eastbourne) for a slipped disc he informed me about the Hands for Heroes scheme and was quite insistant I check it out as he would be willing to give me a free course of treatment. Not something you hear about every day. Whilst i did not actually qualify (War pensioner from a different conflict) he was still willing to give me a reduced price deal. For personal reasons and being able to afford treatment financially I declined the generous offer.

The fact that the offer was there is to be commended.

Treatment is going well, decade old injuries which over time have caused mechanical restrictions are being addressed, along with the newest one. Whilst it is early days I can say that for the first time in almost 10 years I have actually got some fluidity back into my movement and feel far more positive about the future. Wonderful.

For those that, as I have, gritted it out and put up with effects of injury (Bloody Army mentality!) please stop. Get the root cause addressed now and feel the difference. You are only storing up long term problems if you don't.


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