by Greg
(Northern Ireland)

A couple of years ago I became anxious about preserving my health and fitness whilst getting older (now 64). The reason was that I felt stiffening of joints and reluctance to bend and twist my back was getting progressively worse.
So I began to take cod liver oil capsules and started a programme of regular running, just I had enjoyed in the Army. Fitness and wellbeing all improved over time in all but my back. It was becoming quite painful especially after a strenuous run. I realised that probably running was not the best thing for a back but I was getting so much enjoyment from regular running in all other respects there was no way I wanted to stop it.
Needing some professional help I looked up the website of our town's Chiropractic clinic and noticed the "Hands for Heroes" logo which I investigated. After enquiring I was accepted under the scheme and began a course of treatment. I was impressed from the start by the atmosphere of healing and the explanations and information that I received. Most notably about our nervous system and its functions. The treatment was not quite what I had expected it felt really positive and curative. There was no instant relief in my case but a gradual improvement over the weeks in mobility and flexibility which has been so beneficial to me.
I am now running better, I take much more notice of my posture and try to correct it at every opportunity and I do easy, gentle, stretching exercises too. I certainly don't feel like I'm sliding down the slippery slope of old age any more!

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Sep 12, 2016

by: Craig

Its great Greg that you experienced that age is often independent of loss and recovery of function. That is a HUGE thing for many people as we are often sold on the myth that as you get older you HAVE to lose function. No-one except the good chiropractors make the link of loss of structural balance is directly associated with loss of function ... and this can happen at any age. Many thanks for your feedback. Craig &

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