Hands for Heroes Events

Below is a list of our standing events for Veterans, Hands for Heroes Chiropractors and The General Public

Bath Triathlon - Fundraising Event Sun 21 August 2011

"Hands for Heroes - Free Chiropractic Care" for War Veterans is entering the reborn again Bath Triathlon.

Its a 1500 m swim in the River Avon (nice), a 40 km bike section and a 10km run.

For those of you who wish to enter we are currently in negotiation with the organiser for reduced rates for the charity guys.

Contact us here to let us know you are interested and we will get back to you with any good news ref race discounted entry fees and special "Hands for Heroes" rates and we will send you sponsor forms.

If you do not wish to enter but wish to support - Craig, the founder of "Hands for Heroes - Free Chiropractic Care for War Veterans" has committed to run the course with a (spare) flashing nervous system encased in a spine! If you wish to sponsor him doing this then make a donation below and enter "Bath Triathlon Sponsorship" in the comments box.

We will record you as a donator to the "Hands for Heroes" cause. Give details of your website if you are a corporate entity and we will set up an in-pointing link.

Many Thanks

The Team at Hands For Heroes - Free Chiropractic Care for War Verterans

Chiropractors Free Teleseminar - Hands for Heroes Marketing and Administration

This is a series of Free 30 minute telephone seminars for chiropractors who are signed up to the Hands for Heroes scheme.

They take place every other Thursday

Series Name Dates
1 Z
2 Y Z
3 Y Z
4 Y Z
5 Y Z
6 Y Z