Hands For Heroes Targets

Free Chiropractic Care For War Veterans

The Hands for Heroes Targets and figures achieved for the coming Years are here:

hands for heroes targets

Offices Providing Care

Target: To have 125 UK offices providing care for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans from 11/11/11 for the next 2 decades.


11/11/11 127 Offices


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Value of Care Offered At Chiropractor's Expense

Target: £3.5 million worth of care available annually for UK veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq War by 11/11/11.


at 11/11/11 £4.1 million worth of care

at 27/11/11 £4.4 million worth of care


Target: To have £5000 in the bank by 30 April 2012 to enable the movement to register as a charity and to develop an attractive and compelling product line designed to add value to the purchasers and raise awareness of the "Hands for Heroes - Free Chiropractic Care for War Veterans" movement.


27/11/11 £1097.73

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Capacity to Care for Veterans

Target: To have capacity to care for 9000 veterans by 11/11/11

Achieved: Capacity for 10,400 veterans nationwide at 11/11/11

Veterans Registered For Care


11/11/12 1000

11/11/13 3000

11/11/14 6000

11/11/15 9000

Thereafter 9000 per annum


11/11/11 124 (data collection system established September 2011)

Veterans Register for Care Here

Veterans Eligible From the Following Conflicts In The

"Hands For Heroes - Free Chiropractic Care for War Veterans" Scheme


11/11/11 Afghanistan 2002-present and Iraq 1991 and 2003

11/11/12 All major conflicts between World War II - Korea

11/11/13 All involved in Northern Ireland operations 1972 - 1982

11/11/14 All involved in 1982 Falklands War

11/11/15 All involved in Northern Ireland operations 1982 - 2002

11/11/16 All major conflicts between Korea - Present

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