Impacting Your Community Kit

The Hands for Heroes "Impacting Your Community" Kit comprises of:

impacting your community kit

1. a 2m high x 80cm wide, high impact graphics, roll-up banner.

Designed to be placed in a high traffic area this banner communicates the message, existence and benefits of "Hands for Heroes-Free Chiropractic Care for War Veterans" instantly. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, working while you sleep.

It is light and of high quality and very rugged. This means that it is easy for you to store and transport so that you are not unnecessarily encumbered.

2. 1000 Hands for Heroes flyers. High impact flyers detailing actions veterans, the general public and chiropractors can take to spread news of this initiative.

3. 100 copies of "12 Steps Back From the Abyss - A War Veterans Journey from Depression to Joy". An interesting story and incredible testimonial to the power of chiropractic to facilitate the miracle of the human body, a list of steps to help recover health and promotional booklet for "Hands For Heroes-Free Chiropractic Care for War Veterans".

This wonderful story makes a great gift for friends, customers/patients and associates. Simple principles can help give the reader a "lift" when down. It adds value to the lives of others thus generating goodwill for your office and business.

12 steps back

"Since we started using the Hands for Heroes Maximum Impact Promotional kit in our office there has been a real buzz with our patients. They are all asking what it is about and are very excited that we are part of this national movement. We are regularly getting enquiries from interested people and in a short space of time have started to get local military people turning up at the office. It also works well when we go out doing regular promotions in the community. As well as the free care for veterans we are now starting to see family members and non-veteran military people under care. This is one of the best promotional tools we have ever used - and its great to be giving back to the community."

Dr Marie-Claude Lambert, LIFE Chiropractic


The cost of a credit card sized yellow pages ad which generates little to no goodwill in the community for a year costs around:


The Cost Of Producing a Similar Kit Yourself

The cost of professional design and provision of copy-writing services, purchase of copyrighted images, branding for a large roll-up banner £650

Cost of twin foot high quality banner itself £250

The design of the flyer branded to match the roll-up banner £325

Cost of printing 1000, double sided, full colour A5 flyers £185

Cost of 100 copies of "12 Steps Back From the Abyss - A War Veteran's Journey from Depression to Joy" @ £2.95 ea - £295

TOTAL Potential Cost of "Impacting Your Community" Kit = £1750

We have recently purchased in bulk and

As A Hands for Heroes Supporter The Maximum Impact Kit Is Available for Just

£460 (uk only) + P & P (we pay the VAT)

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