Code of Integrity Definition

This is the integrity definition when working for Hands for Heroes – Free Chiropractic Care for War Veterans:

The Mission

"To provide 9000 UK veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq operations access to £3.5 Million of free Chiropractic Care by the end of 2011 and every year there-after for the next 2 decades in order to relieve the destructive effects of physical, mental and chemical stress and trauma."

integrity definition

Code of Integrity for Hands for Heroes

0. Have the courage to hold others as well as yourself accountable to this “Code of Integrity”.

1. Be mindful of the Mission of Hands for Heroes. Don’t take on a task unless you understand clearly how it serves this highest purpose.

2. Respect the time of yourself and others when working for “Hands for Heroes” and always be ready 5 mins early for appointments.

3. Use your resources wisely - when starting a project always have a clear outcome and get it finished (do it ditch it or delegate it) before starting a new project.

4. Understand that the mind, body and soul are connected so to give your best to “Hands for Heroes” you must nurture the following Pillars of Health – Nutrition, Exercise, Mental Attitude and Rest.

5. Do not damage your integrity or the integrity of Hands for Heroes by lying/ telling mistruths/ being incongruent between your actions and intentions /making judgements about others.

6. Always laugh at least once a day and celebrate your successes and the success of others.

7. Manage your resources of time, energy and finance wisely to get the very most for those you serve and for yourself and remember that working as a team will get things done exponentially faster than working as an individual so ask if you need assistance.

8. Be thankful daily that you and others in the organisation have the opportunity to give back to those who have already given to you.

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code of integrity definition

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