MOD Refuse Care for Veterans Worth £4.15 Million

mod refuse care

It is strange that the MOD Refuses Care for Veterans worth over £4.15 Million. Only a few years ago the Prime Minister said that not enough was being done for veterans and that the community would have to play a bigger part.

"Hands for Heroes - Free Chiropractic Care for War Veterans" was arranged by veterans, for veterans, at no cost to the Government or the veterans and it provides care which is extremely safe and many believe is extremely effective.

mod refuse care hands for heroes

Ian Mearns MP wrote to the MOD on the subject of "Hands for Heroes":

“This appears to be a fantastic opportunity for ex-servicemen and Mr Hindson would be grateful if you could help him expand the network by raising awareness of this initiative with the military”

The Rt Hon Andrew Robathan, Minister for Defence Personnel Welfare and Veterans replied:

“As chiropractic care has not been endorsed by the NHS it is considered that it is not appropriate for the Department to raise awareness of “Hands for Heroes” amongst Serving and ex-service personnel.”

This is an incredibly short sighted view, as over 10 Million people endorse chiropractic every year by visiting a chiropractor. And millions give testimony of its ability to restore balance and function to the body (albeit not in a statisticians Randomised Control Trial).

Endorsers include this Royal Marine Sniper who was blow up twice on operation in Afghanistan. Click here to view his short video testimonial. We were never asking the MOD to endorse chiropractic, just to let the troops know this initiative bringing free private health care is avaiable to them.

All they have to do is turn up and find out for themselves, at no risk, how chiropractic care can help(which, of course, they have a possibility of doing IF they know it's available!)

Full correspondence below:

Letter From Ian Mearns to MOD

mod refuse care

Reply From MOD

Please Help Us Tell The Veterans

This has always been a grass roots movement and we NEED YOU HELP to raise awareness of this initiative to veterans and their families.


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