The Private Press Release Page For Hands for Heroes

This is the private Chiropractic Doctor's press release page for "Hands for Heroes - Free Chiropractic Care for War Veterans".

With press releases:

1. Ideally, take the local newspaper health editor out for lunch beforehand to meet and build relationships. Determine what format they would like press releases in.

2. Call before sending the press release with a 30 second, prepared, "pitch" giving the imapctful points of your story and thematically linking it to something happening currently in the news.

3. Forward the press release with relevant photos if you have them.

4. Follow up call a couple of days later to take any feedback they may have and to see if they are going to run the story.

5. For starters try the press release templates below. Cut and paste from the pdf into you word processor document. Replace the red text with your details.

Press Release "Local Chiropractor Joins Hands for Heroes Movement"

Press release "Local Chiropractor Helps Defuse Ticking Timebomb"

Graphics & Phots To Go With Press Releases

Click here for Hands for Heroes logo

Click for HforHTank Logo Graphic

Click Here For "What Will You Do?" Graphic Chiropractors Join Hands for Heroes